Wang Zhi Ping: Reverse Handle Concubine

Wang Zhi Ping: Reverse Handle Concubine

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紫陶白泥 倒把西施

Artist: Wang Zhi Ping
Pot style: Daoba Xishi ( Reverse Handle Concubine )
Material: Zitao Bai-ni ( Yunnan White Zitao Clay )
Capacity: 190 ml

雲南 紫陶白泥

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Wang Zhi Ping: Reverse Handle Concubine / Daoba Xishi, in Zitao Bai-ni fine Yunnan clay

Wang Zhi Ping* achieves a good balance between respecting the traditional form and the need for good pouring manner in this interpretation of Daoba Xishi. Note that the material is a white clay Zitao, the Yunnan counterpart of Yixing Zisha Duan-ni. It is different in its extra fineness and silky smooth surface. Being an absorbent and non-glazed light colour clay, it is an art on the continuous creation each time it is handled and used.

The particular form to surface area ratio in addition the the medium pouring speed is suitable for medium-short to medium-long infusion duration.

For more about Zitao teapots, please read this article: Yunnan Jianshui Zitao Teapots

Packing: Tea towel pull sack in collector’s case

Collector box for Yea Hong's Yixing Teapots

All Yixing teapots at Tea Hong are delivered with a pull-string towel sack in a collector box with cushions inside.


Wang Zhi Ping is one of the few established Zitao teapot artists. We have got his works at an old price and without pot certificates. Otherwise the price will be significantly higher.

Unless otherwise stated, all Yixing teapots are new from the kiln. Please properly clean and prepare them before making tea in them. There is a proper procedure to do that. It is described at:
Yixing Teapots, An Introduction | Tea Guardian

We try our best to represent the colours of all tea accessories, including Yixing teapots in the product photographs. However, there are many factors that we cannot control, including those that affect how the photos are rendered in your computer or mobile device. There maybe interpreted discrepancies between the colour as seen on this site and that of the product you receive.

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