Wenshan Paochong

Wenshan Paochong


“Baozhong” from a true Taiwan master

Originally labelled as “Floral Aroma Tea”, today Paochong is produced in many parts of Taiwan and China, but that in the northern part of Taiwan around Taipei, where it made its name*, remains the most reputable. The highest quality is found in only a few small family farms where the traditional craft continues to pass on and evolve. Like that of Master Weng. Although his production management is certified as ISO22000, this 5th generation tea farmer insists that processing is an art and personally attends to all details of the workflow. That is probably why his farm has won in not only Paochong competitions but also a nationally awarded agricultural entity. Tea Hong is proud to present the best work of this highly devoted tea master. Likely to bring a much more joyous experience than any of what made the tea famous in the past centuries, for what the arts and science, love and sweats have accumulatively invested in its making.

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Net weight: 40 g (1.4 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

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明前極品 文山包種

*The original Paochong, or ‘baozhong’, processing style first appeared in Fujian, and was produced by a Wang Yi Cheng in the later part of 19th century. However, it was in the Taipei area that tea masters later further developed the tea plant and processing techniques to become what now makes the Paochong. The area of Pinglin, where this selection is produced, is exactly in that same area. The collective efforts of Paochong farmers in this area has not only inherited the tradition, but has collectively transformed the tea for the better and is highly recognised by the national government and tea specialists alike.

Taste profile

Distinctive floral and buttery undertone carrying a refreshing, sea-breeze-like aroma noting konbu and hints of roasted almond. Velvety tactility in the front. Umami in a vegetative style with creamy overtone. Refreshing aftertaste that lingers and slowly hinting sweet butter.

Infusion tips

A great and flexible tea for steeping in either the conventional method of 1g to 100 ml water or the gongfu style of 3g to 100 ml for quick infusions. Add more leaves if you desire more intensity. Use near boiling water with low mineral content. Enjoy the wonderful and subtle aroma before sipping. This tea rarely gets bitter unless you over-steep it dramatically.

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