White Shiiba, deep oxidation Nepal white tea

White Shiiba, deep oxidation Nepal white tea

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Unique Old Style White Tea from the Himalayas

One does not come upon a tea rare as White Shiiba that often. Intended originally for producing green tea, the small row of Japanese Shiiba tea plants that our producer has successfully planted in his farm in Nepal have acquired a different character from their Kyushu ancestors. Processing the leaves in the traditional white tea fashion is not common in itself in Nepal either. The old way of long wither style is rare, if heard of at all, outside of China. Somehow, through a string of coincidences, this old fashion Fujian processing done on an entirely different cultivar grown 1800 m above and 4000 km west of its origin has resulted in a tea that is simply one of the best tasting, and definitely the most likeable in the entire white tea category.

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Net weight: 40 g (1.4 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

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椎葉白茶 — 喜馬拉雅山上東瀛之花果香

Taste profile

Warm, buttery aroma with floral and earthy undertones. Bright accents with touches of sweet spices and a certain freshness that reminds of highland forrest after the rain. Hints of freshly picked apple and wild honey.

Creamy texture.

Creamily smooth body with tones of apples and pears. Lightly umami with a sweet and malty twist. Mild and delightful bites of sweet spices. Malty aftertaste.

If the Chinese term yan yun that is usually used for finer Wuyi oolongs can be borrowed here, this tea is a great demonstration of that “tones from the rock” idea, and in a unique and silky way.

Infusion tips

Begin experimenting with 1.25 g to 100 g water and infuse for 5 minutes at about 95 °C. Gradually increase to 2g to 100 if you think you prefer it stronger. May even go above 3g by adjusting the duration, but no less than 2 minutes. Always use a smaller, but thicker or denser teapot for such precious rare tea.

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  1. I forgot to mention that I actually used 3 grams for my 150 taster mug, which made 2 gram per 100 cc water. Brewed for 5 minutes or more. I think people may like to try that too. To me it was much more delicious

  2. Amazing aromas of fruits and flowers that I have not experienced before. A delicious tea

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