Premodern Peony, deep oxidation white tea

Premodern Peony, deep oxidation white tea

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Zhenghe Old Style White Tea:

Before there were the Dai Bai cultivars for the modern White Peony, it had first been indigenous Cai Cha for producing white teas in Fujian. A lesser looking tea plant but capable of a deeper and rounder taste profile, such sexually propagated tea bushes still exist today. Presenting Tea Hong’s very own Premodern Peony — patiently processed like it used to be a century ago, and matured to our tea master’s personal liking. All the wholesomeness of white tea with a fine taste that you can keep drinking throughout the day.

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Net weight: 40 g (1.4 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

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Taste profile

An herbal nose with a distinct earthy overtone and a deep, sweet wood accent. Clear, maple syrup colour infusion. Bright impression. Fullest body as a white tea with the sharpness of a fresh roasted green tea and the maltiness of a black tea. Resonates with a persistent yet light umami. Deep sweet wood accents intermediated by the slight bites of a neutral astringency. Long, sweet and malty aftertaste.

Infusion tips

Prepare as if it were a whole leaf black tea using the conventional method. If the gongfu approach is preferred, infuse as if it were a Wuyi oolong but use slightly more leaves and very slightly more time. Optimum infusion temperature 95°C.

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  1. My first order has arrived. The first tea I tried was this Peony. Hence my first review.

    This tea is a revelation. I’ve prepared commercial-grade white peony from a local teas shop, as well as other Chinese whites, and they tend to pleasant but one-dimensional; that familiar woody taste, but not much more. This peony has a full, round, complex flavour, as described above, making it much more interesting than the common whites. I can never go back to “modern” peonies now, let alone post-modern ones 🙂

    2g/100ml/90°C/1,5min is a good starting point, with first a quick hot rinse, as I learned elsewhere on this site.

    • Thank you for sharing the taste experience. Happy that this good tea has found an audience in you!

    • “Post-modern” White Peonies! 😀 Thank you for a good laugh! You should write more here!

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