White Peony Classic Long, traditional white tea

White Peony Classic Long, traditional white tea

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Zhenghe Mudan Wang

While White Peony from Fuding tastes more floral, that from the other earliest region, Zhenghe, tastes longer and deeper. The more tedious curing process is marked by the darker colors on the leaves. While many prize Silver Needle Supreme for its delicate taste and furry appearance, a superb traditional white tea as White Peony Classic Long delivers a more impressive taste experience. That may explain why this Mudan Wang, aka King of White Peony, is considered the best and most classical representation from the origin,  and a favourite by many tea connoisseurs. As most aficionados prefer it, we have always matured this tea adequately before releasing it in the shop. The current stock is a single batch first flush ( i.e. pre-Qing-ming ) harvest from 2019.

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Net weight: 40 g (1.4 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

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Taste profile

Soft aroma in tones of cooked grains and new leaf sprouts. Undertones of honey and cream. Bright, malty infusion with tints of herbal roots and floral sweetness. Hints of the high notes of raw ginseng. Sweet aftertaste.

Infusion tips

Contrary to myths propagated by vendors who sell imitation products, or green tea disguised as White Peony King, traditionally processed White Peony should be infused with near boiling water to render its full taste potential. Always blanch the leaves once before actual brewing. White Peony of the traditional Zhenghe style is also suitable for shorter steeping time, when a higher tealeaves to water ratio is used.

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  1. My First White Tea

    This was the first time I drink white tea and I was actually quite surprised upon opening the packaging. It smelled sweet like cookies/biscuits? I wouldn’t have guessed that it was the smell of tea.
    I infused it using gongfu parameters in a gaiwan and the aroma of the infusion was the same sweet one. However it didn’t taste like that at all, I got impressions of green tea although a bit faint, and the sweet aftertaste is unlike the creamy sweet aroma. It was really refreshing and light, yet interesting enough because of the long aftertaste and some astringency (I like my tea somewhat astringent because if it is not, I would feel like it is too watery).
    And it’s true that this tea is easy to infuse, it is difficult to go wrong unless you infuse it for way too long because then it will taste bitter. Really nice to drink all day.

  2. Thank you for such wonderful quality

    Before I actually opened the pack and infuse the tea, I never knew tea can be so wonderful! Thank you

  3. Zhenghe White Peony King

    I have had Bai Mudan and Shou Mei white teas, but never a Zhenghe Bai Mudan (always the more common Fuding variety). I was very interested in this Zhenghe style, since the description seemed to fit my preferences more than the Fuding. Opening the package, the aroma is rich and full, kind of like hay, and sweet (a little difficult to describe). The overall appearance is a nice mix of silver, gray, and withered green. The taste is indeed full, deep, rich, and a little sweet, without the floral qualities. It also seems to bring out more of that taste that makes white tea distinctive as a style. This is the best white tea that I have had.

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