Wu Jia: Shui Ping

Wu Jia: Shui Ping

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Artist: Wu Jia, National Master Industrial Artist
Pot style: Shui Ping (Water Level)
Material: Da Hong Pao from the original mine
Capacity: 180 ml
Creation year: 2021

吳佳 國家工藝美術師

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Wu Jia

Wu Jia, Yixing teapot artist

Born in 1988, Wu is rather young to have quite a number of works already collected institutionally. Since 17, she has been working hard in this art. After apprenticeship consecutively to two contemporary masters, the young woman went on to study the art of the clay in the University of Geosciences in Beijing before going forth to work independently as an artist. Her works began catching attention after winning a few regional awards since 2016. Institutions, one notably Shanghai Arts and Crafts Museum, began taking in her works in their permanent collections.

Wu’s work is meticulously precise, delicately shaped and always in fine ground clay.

About this teapot

This particular selection is a great example of Wu’s handcraft, completed with the engraving of a calligraphic piece in the “Shou Jin” style of Emperor Hui Zong of the Song Dynasty. The words themselves are borrowed also from the last line in a famous poem by the artist monarch, “Poem of Blossoming Fragrance”. This is a rough translation of that line and the line before it, for contextual reference —

Intoxicated in the fragrant lane the butterfly dances
in a chase after the night breeze

Below is the scroll of the poem written by the emperor himself, now in the permanent collection of the National Palace Museum in Taipei.

壺面瘦金體刻詩句源於宋徽宗【穠芳詩帖】最末兩句:舞蝶迷香徑 翩翩逐晚風

Emperor Hui Zong's "Poem of Blossoming Fragrance" National Palace Museum, Taipei

Emperor Hui Zong’s “Poem of Blossoming Fragrance” National Palace Museum, Taipei 台北 國立故宮博物院 宋徽宗 穠芳詩帖

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Yixing Teapots, An Introduction | Tea Guardian

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