Yao Ling Xiang: Stone Ladle

Yao Ling Xiang: Stone Ladle

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Artist: Yao Ling Xiang, National Associate Master Industrial Artist
Pot style: Shi Piao (Stone Ladle)
Material: Original Zi-ni
Capacity: 400 ml
Year: 2015
Signed certificate

姚玲香( 國家助理工藝美術師 )


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Skilfully refined and cured authentic purple clay made into the classic shi-piao form. Casual yet authentically signed certificate. It would have been priced much higher like her other current works if there were a more presentable certificate.

Packing: Tea towel pull bag in collector’s case


Unless otherwise stated, all Yixing teapots are new from the kiln. Please properly clean and prepare them before making tea in them. There is a proper procedure to do that. It is described at:
Yixing Teapots, An Introduction | Tea Guardian

We try our best to represent the colours of all tea accessories, including Yixing teapots in the product photographs. However, there are many factors that we cannot control, including those that affect how the photos are rendered in your computer or mobile device. There maybe interpreted discrepancies between the colour as seen on this site and that of the product you receive.

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Weight 500 g


  1. A superb collector’s item, made with the best craftsmanship, and zisha material. An amazing teapot of such high quality and it is up to par with Teahong’s level. It truly impresses the connoisseur, and I am very happy i acquired it. The zi-ni is so well refined, and the shape/body is very well rounded and proportionate. I’m so happy Teahong is offering such high quality teapots. These teapots are the real deal, and Teahong makes it astoundingly convenient to buy such teapots on an online platform, rather than flying to China for teapots this quality.

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