Yiwu Maocha 2017, Pu’er shengcha

Yiwu Maocha 2017, Pu’er shengcha

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Famous Origin

It is said that the indigenous people in Yiwu Mountain began using tea for its medicinal purposes in the third century. The cure would soon became a beverage habit and later a trading commodity. Regardless of history, Yiwu is indeed one of the most renowned region in Yunnan for the tea’s fragrance. We have discovered a great value batch to share with you for a taste of this character without the usual unreal price tag. By design, there are two younger teas in this Puer Maocha series and this is one of them. Some people like their maocha fresher, while others prefer it aged. Enjoy!

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Net weight: 40 g (1.4 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

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雨前 易武毛茶

Taste profile

Earthy and slight floral overtones with accents of ripen peach peel and undertones of banana and distinct accents of hawthorn berries and hints of honey. This is carried through in the initially soft liquor that later turns bright, sharp with an unmistakable bitterness yet the sweet accents of the root of Mongolian milkvetch ( aka huangqi aka Astragalus propinquus ). Gradual yet long aftertaste of the sweetness of hawthorn berries and malt.

Infusion tips

Go light with this rather potent puer maocha unless you are in for a kick. Use 100°C water and always a pre-infusion blanch anyway. When you feel adventurous, begin with 8g of leave per 150 ml of water for 30 sec. Adjust this initial infusion length for strength. Add incremental 1/3 time in the first two subsequent infusions, 1/2 in the next two, 100% more in the next two, etc.

For more info, please refer to this article: About Infusing Pu’er Maocha

The taste profile of this tea changes with time. Different storage conditions will have effects on the outcome.

A slightly tamed puer maocha, but still quite wild

Maocha from Yiwu Shan is known to be bitter, and it is cold in TCM nature. That is why we have aged this tea a few years before releasing it, in the hope of taming a little both its taste and TCM nature. If you prefer a really darkened version of puer from this same region, try our Yiwu Large Leaf, which is a matured shengcha. Yiwu Maocha is curated into this collection for its wild nature for you to experience how raw a puer maocha can be, and for those who enjoy such rawness, which indeed has a distinctive character of its own.

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