Yiwu Zheng Shan 2018, Aged Pu’er shengcha

Yiwu Zheng Shan 2018, Aged Pu’er shengcha

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Huimin authentic old tree series: Mount Yiwu proper

This aged Yiwu may present itself a little softer in the start, but its energy lingers and grows, alive beyond the taste faculty. Yiwu maybe known as one of the softest in the shengcha category, yet properly infused, it can actually be quite powerful. Originated in the deep mountain ranges along the border with Laos, where the weather can be as unpredictable as the wild life one may encounter, the biochemistry of the leaves is as lively and interesting to learn. There are people who prefer this tea quite fresh, but in our opinion it is better aged for a few years.

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Net weight per discus: 357 g (12.6 oz)


惠民 真味古茶 2018 易武正山

Taste profile

Light, earthy aroma with a sweet herbal undertone. Accents of mint, apricot, raisin and camphor. Tints of bouquet and lotus leaves. Smooth, bright body with a slight sweetness hinting honey, raisin and dried red dates. Accents of peach peel and mint. Cooling sensation. Sweet aftertaste that is cooling to the throat.

Infusion tips

Please visit this article for infusion guide: How to brew a cha bing

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 18 × 9 × 5 cm
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Pack size option

Single cha bing, 7 cha bings in original bamboo wrap




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