Da Hong Pao

Da Hong Pao

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Artist: (in the name of) Shi Xiao Ma, National Senior Master Industrial Artist
Pot name/style: Fanggu (In the shape of the ancient drum) 2011 (signed 1976)
Material: Da Hong Pao
Capacity: 275 ml
(仿)施小馬(國家高級工藝美術師)2011 (題1976)

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If this were really a work by the signed name, the price could easily be 30 to 50 times of what is marked here. The design and workmanship, however, are very much inline with the big name artist. Very nice material as well. When you buy this and show off with it, don’t show the bottom to those who really know the intricate relationship of contemporary Yixing pot artists. It is there that shows the cloven foot.

Packing: Gift box cushioned with recycled paper in outer carton

shi xiao ma: fanggu da hong pao, front view

shi xiao ma: fanggu da hong pao, 3 quarter back view

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Weight 720 g


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