Yunnan Zitao: Black Lotus Seed

Yunnan Zitao: Black Lotus Seed

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雲南紫陶 黑蓮子

Artist: Wang Zhi Ping ( seal name: Su Shou )
Pot style: Lianzi ( Lotus Seed )
Material: Zitao ( Yunnan Purple Fine Clay )
Capacity: 180 ml

雲南 紫陶

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Yixing teapot in the Lotus Seed traditional form in Zitao fine clay from Yunnan

Not all productions by more established artists bare the signature of the maker. This is a popular phenomenon in the world of Yixing teapots. Artists do this to protect the price of their signed works, while getting more sales from unsigned ones. Connoisseurs who know and need the teapots for the artistic skills and material, but not care as much whether the artist name is on it would collect these. These “Bare Hands” pots are such works by the established artist Wang Zhi Ping. Bare Hand is one of his anonyms.

This pot is a great example of how a Zitao teapot is different from an Yixing one. Alterations in kiln conditions can change the colour of the finished piece in potteries. In Yixing pots, the change is throughout the material. In Zitao, it can be kept to only the surface. That is why you see the difference in colour between the surface and the core as the artist scrap the brim when detailing.

The Lotus Seed traditional form style is a great general purpose teapot. The particular size and pour speed of this particular one is excellent for gongfu infusion approach in different parameters.

For more about Zitao teapots, please read this article: Yunnan Jianshui Zitao Teapots

Packing: Tea towel pull sack in collector’s case

Collector box for Yea Hong's Yixing Teapots

All Yixing teapots at Tea Hong are delivered with a pull-string towel sack in a collector box with cushions inside.


Unless otherwise stated, all Yixing teapots are new from the kiln. Please properly clean and prepare them before making tea in them. There is a proper procedure to do that. It is described at:
Yixing Teapots, An Introduction | Tea Guardian

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