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  • Aug182017
    Enjoying tea under the sun

    The Peculiar Category of Pu’er

    De facto tea for some, loathed by others None other tea category is as difficult to explain to a new…

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  • Sep092016
    Kids with lanterns

    Tea for Mooncake?

    Mid Autumn Festival As the shape of the moon grows fuller towards what the lunar calendar marks as Mid-Autumn, Mooncake Festival…

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  • Jan082015

    When Will We Have New Teas Come in?

    This is quite a frequently asked questions especially since we are gaining a wider customer base, our stock quantities are…

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  • Oct082014

    Bada Shu Cha & Wudong Cassia

    Bada Shu Cha & Wudong Cassia I have waited a very long time to present this shu cha pu’er: Bada…

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