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  • May282023
    furry leaf shoot of tea

    A very short history of white tea that concerns you as a drinker

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    The production of traditional white tea looks very simple and straightforward on paper: lay the fresh leaves under the sun…

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  • May072022
    Five different white teas

    Myths about White Teas

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    White tea has seen increased popularity in recent years. Authentic varieties, such as White Peony, aka Bai Mudan, is a…

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  • Sep132020
    Comparing a lighter oxidation Hong Yu white tea with Deep White

    Hong Yu White Tea, with Extra Oxidation

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    Some years ago when young tea master Chen sent me her first attempt on making white tea from Hong Yu,…

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  • Jan052020
    The tea producer turning coal at the tea baking oven

    Freshness vs staleness

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    Master Wang of Taiping makes our Taiping Houkui Traditional. It is a green tea that I have always thought best…

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  • Aug162017
    Nice cup of white tea

    A white tea is defined by its biochemistry, not just the name

    Anti-oxidant After some scientific reports said white tea is more potent than even green tea in anti-oxidative health benefits, the…

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