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  • May282023
    furry leaf shoot of tea

    A very short history of white tea that concerns you as a drinker

    The production of traditional white tea looks very simple and straightforward on paper: lay the fresh leaves under the sun to wither and then continue the withering under the shade and then…

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  • Apr102023
    Making tea from a maocha using a gaiwan

    About Infusing Pu’er Maocha

    Although it is perfectly okay to steep your maocha in a large pot in the conventional way, the tea can reveal a very different dimension when infused in a smaller vessel using…

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  • Dec062022
    Pasha 2013, matured shengcha pu'er

    How to brew a cha bing

    Tea compressed into a discus form is basically still a tea like any other loose leaves. The process of compressing does impose a transformation in the cellular structure and subsequently chemical changes…

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  • Sep242022
    Infusing Honey Orchid

    Does your Honey Orchid Supreme taste too bitter?

    What makes the taste of a tea? The taste of a tea is the combination of its many tones, accents and tints. Like a good wine, or beer, or scotch, or saké…

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  • Sep052022
    A luscious double yolk mooncake served with tea

    What tea to use in Mid Autumn Festival?

    This year, the night on September 10th will see a big full moon. That will be the Mid-Autumn Festival. In this part of the world, people are busy piling up on mooncakes…

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  • Jul062022
    Ice Fire Technique on Taiping Houkui

    Ice Fire Technique

    To steep tea, there is the usual brewing with hot water and there is the recently popular cold infusion. There actually is one less practiced method of “Ice Fire Technique”. You simply…

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  • May162022
    20 EU coin with pigeon on a man's face

    EU Exclusionism followup: a Petition

    A while ago I wrote a post to complain about a regulation in EU requiring all vendors selling to EU to be registered through an agent located in EU for logging sales…

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  • May072022
    Five different white teas

    Myths about White Teas

    White tea has seen increased popularity in recent years. Authentic varieties, such as White Peony, aka Bai Mudan, is a classic one. Its softer taste profile is ideal for casual and all…

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  • Apr012022
    Arturo Ricci — Afternoon tea

    What really is a gongfu black tea?

    In the beginning what used to be called black tea by the West was actually oolong. I have explained that in my reference tea site in this article: Black Tea: Origin &…

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  • Mar232022
    Diagram of the ISO standard pot for tea infusion

    International preparation standard for tea tasting

    Tea cannot manifest its full self when improperly infused. The wrong leaf to water ratio, poor infusion ware, inappropriate water temperature, bad timing, as much as water quality would all limit, or…

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