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  • Honey Pearl Pekoe, fresh jasmine scented crafted green tea
    USD 21.10

    Honey Pearl Pekoe, fresh jasmine scented green tea

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    Jasmine Seven Scentings Fuding Tips:

    Mastery of the technique of scenting and management of fresh jasmine flowers can greatly enhance the aroma profile of a final tea. It is not only how many times the leaves are scented but also about the tea to flower ratio, and the finesse of timing and other nuances in the scenting process. Honey Pearl Pekoe begins as a pure fine tippy first flush of loyal pedigree and then scented to perfection by our jasmine master. The most beautiful and purest of all jasmine green teas.
    Delta class Morning sun yellow TCM Neutral-cool Staff Pick icon
    Net weight: 50 g (1.8 oz) in Handy alu-bag
    USD 21.10
    USD 21.10