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    • Wudong Cassia, Phoenix dancong oolong

      Much obliged for appreciating this tea. And a sincere thank you for such a wonderfully descriptive account of your experience. For me as a merchant, it was a difficult decision whether to offer this variety at the topmost quality or to offer a production that is ample enough to carry that “Fenghuang Cassia” cultivar traits but maintaining a lower price so that a stepping price range for different affordability can be maintained in the Phoenix line. There are already a few items in the collection that are top quality anyway. In the end I did both. For one, this batch really is exceptional, and the next quality down is simply far less mesmerising. It simply feels sinful not to share such a great harvest. So I made a not so wise decision. To carry this batch at a friendlier price, I simply lower the profit margin. If this silly effort can make this lesser known variety appreciated by more, it is still worthwhile. True quality should prevail. Just hope this world can be a bit nicer when less dragged by pretence, falsehoods and mediocracies.

      Leo Kwan
    • Honey Orchid Supreme, classic Phoenix dancong oolong

      Your wonderful writing

      @Karen, I have to tell you how amused I am reading all these nicely written reviews you so kindly shared on this site. “I now mourn all the years I wasted drinking ‘shadow-of-tea-powder’ that comes in a typical western tea bag” What wonderful art of the word!

      Oh yes, indeed, this Honey Orchid Supreme is a tea that many of my tea importer clients want “samples” for their own enjoyment, but quite rarely dare to sell by themselves!

      Tea Hong
    • Honey Orchid Supreme, classic Phoenix dancong oolong

      This tea is a mountain range of flavors, with distinct peaks all seamlessly integrated into a harmonious and nuanced experience that carries all of the depth you would expect of authentic old tree Mi Lan. The aroma coming off the dry leaf is vibrant and complex, hinting at the marvelous experience that awaits the drinker. I knew this was going to be an incredible experience before I even turned my kettle on.

      This one opens up with bright and sweet notes of sun-dried fruits, and a tropical dankness that is reminiscent of mango, guava, peaches, lychee, passionfruit, with a kind of electrical zing to it that reminds me of fresh-cut pineapples. These bright and tangy notes electrify the roof of the mouth and nostrils as they work their way up from the back of the throat.

      In every sip, this is a juicy and fruit-forward Mi Lan that is perfectly overlaid on top of a powerful and textured body, which has a woodsy quality to it that reminds me of walking through an old-growth forest on a hot, sunny day.

      You can’t miss the cong wei – it’s apparent and focused across the full session; even the washed-up leaves retain that woodsy-spicy-sweet fragrance that is just so attractive because of how well it sits in contrast against the insanely sweet and pungent notes of tropical fruits.

      The mouthfeel and texture are incredible – for having such powerful and distinct peaks of flavor, the body is very deep, the edges are very soft, and the individual notes integrate very well with each other, creating a very complex experience in every facet of the tea. The initial sip, the evolution of flavors on the palate, the lingering sweetness, all tell a cohesive story and that story is the life of healthy, old Mi Lan Xiang trees.

      The finish is elegant and the sweet aftertaste lingers for a long time, but what I appreciate most about this tea is how deep it sinks into every cell of my body, and how graceful the qi is. This is a tea that stays with me all day.

      What a phenomenal experience.

    • Honey Orchid Supreme, classic Phoenix dancong oolong

      Deep tea

      I am not able to make such good writing to describe this wonderful oolong, but I have to share this : this tea is even more wonderful when brew for a long time! 4 friends came for dinner yesterday but I was out of tea. I have only a tablespoonful of this tea in the bag. I knew I cannot make kung fu style because there were total 7 people too many small for serving like that. So I put all the tealeaves in a big teapot and brew for 8 minutes! I hoped it will be strong enough to taste because so few leaves. It was the most wonderful cup of tea I ever have. All people said same thing. I am so happy to discover this

      Ai Han Ngau
    • Wudong Cassia, Phoenix dancong oolong

      There! Indeed you do know about Phoenix oolongs. In the “medicine” aroma group of Fenghuang Dancong, there are also Jiang Mu Xiang and Xing Ren Xiang. Another customer, N.N., who also commented on this tea has mentioned Jiang Mu Xiang, which I was incidentally enjoying a private batch this morning with my wife, but have not decided yet whether to carry it. The same dilemma as I have previously mentioned, whether to offer it at a quality level that I truly enjoy as a tea lover, or making more commercial sense to maintain a sustainable profit. As for Xing Ren Xiang, you have already given your fantastic comments in the Orchid Gratus page in a review last year. And I thank you again.

      Leo Kwan
    • Black Leaf Special, Phoenix dancong oolong

      Wonderful Aroma

      I received “Black Leaf Special” as a sample, I thought should be this one. Infused it using gongfu parameters and I got a cup of wonderful aromatic tea. It resembled the green Tieguanyin (maybe because they are both green oolongs), but richer complexity with more pronounced honeylike sweetness and fruity fragrance. It is rather light in the mouth but leaves an immediate tangy fresh aftertaste. And based on the feel in my stomach, it really has a rather cool TCM properties. A very wonderful tea especially for the complex aroma.


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