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    • Dianhong Classic, traditional black tea

      Indeed, the experience of taste can be a very subjective matter. As you have pointed out the infusion method matters. A different way will most definitely give you another experience. I am glad you have enjoyed the tea, every batch of which has taken me so much work to finalise.
      Leo Kwan

      Tea Hong
    • Bulang Maocha 2016, Pu’er shengcha

      when is it available again

      when is it available again

    • Imperial Golden Tip 2013, Pu’er shu cha

      Glad that you and your wife both recognise the difference of this very fine pu’er!

      Tea Hong
    • Premodern Peony, deep oxidation white tea

      “Post-modern” White Peonies! 😀 Thank you for a good laugh! You should write more here!

      Tea Hong
    • Honey Orchid, Phoenix dancong oolong

      Enjoy now or later?

      Your Mi-lan Xiang is the best I can get anywhere, and I am so happy that I don’t have to worry about where to buy my tea now. I have had both the 2011 and the 2013 versions. To me there is more taste and more aroma in the 2013, but a bit too strong than the 2011. My question is, will 2013 become less strong in 2 years and taste the same as this 2011 now? Or will it be as tastier now?

      Sofina Chan
    • GABA Orange Extra, de-oxygenised oxidation Taiwan oolong

      Thirsty Pebbles

      What’s all this talk about Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA)? I ordered this tea based on the lovely description of its taste and the tantalizing photo of the tea itself. I had no idea that the name refers to an oxygen-free, nitrogen-rich fermentation process that boosts levels of naturally occurring GABA. This compound is said to offer possible benefits to the central nervous system. Lord knows, my nervous system could use a gigantic chill-pill. But that’s not why I love this tea. Here’s why: The dry GABA nuggets offer up a heady aroma while the brewed tea’s color and flavor suggest apricot. It’s woody, not sweet. On the second infusion, the leaves plumped up so big, they almost lifted the lid off my gaiwan. I probably used too much tea and underestimated its penchant for water. That was my mistake, but a happy one. The transformation and the taste were both thoroughly enjoyable.

      Karen Ager

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