About Snow Orchid and Keeping a Gift for Yourself

About Snow Orchid and Keeping a Gift for Yourself
October 8, 2014 Tea Hong

About Snow Orchid
and Keeping a Gift for Yourself

Snow Orchid

We have extended the Christmas sales till year end

Upon popular demand, we have extended the sales till end of this year and to include a lot more products. You know it won’t be enough time for the order to send to most destination before Christmas, but a little something to receive after the euphoria of the season would be a great consolation. Just a few packs of nicer tea anyway. Select a product from the special offer range now. 

Snow Orchid 2015

It had been unusually warm this year. It broke record as the warmest November in history in this part of the world. Global warming is surely alerting us earthlings of what we have done to Nature.

For better quality Snow Orchid from the Phoenix Mountains, the weather has to be cool enough when we harvest. So we waited. 

By the end of November, we were really worrying. Will the final flush come out when it is cold enough?

So the temperature dropped. As if Heaven heard our prayers.

Snow Orchid 2015 is even more fragrant than before. Siu said a bowl of leaves on her desk is enough to keep her happy the whole day. 

The usual bitter accent is slightly more accented this year, perhaps as another reminder of what happened this year.

So let’s first enjoy a great year end holiday, before making the world a better place next year!


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