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Random product reviews

  • Bell Shape Utility Gaiwan

    Bell Shape Utility Gaiwan

    high quality, great deal

    This immediately became one of my favorite gaiwans, it feels so good in my hand, very comfortable to use. And for the price I don’t think I could find this same quality else where

    Brian Lindburg
  • Phoenix oolong: Orchid Gratus

    Orchid Gratus, Phoenix dancong oolong

    Elegant, complex fragrance

    The first time I had this tea I used the standard infusion parameters. It came across like the Snow Orchid, unsurprising as they are both categorized as bouquet Phoenix oolongs. But from smelling the infused leaves, I can tell that this Orchid Gratus is gravitating towards the traditional Phoenix style. The infused leaves also shows more oxidation than Snow Orchid.
    Then I tried it with 4g/100ml in 40 seconds. Wow, it reminds me of the Big White but without the faint sweet potato/peach aroma, yet somehow more complex. Smelling the tea is like smelling a good perfume, it is almost like there are many different fragrance combined together in a cup of tea. I’d say the aftertaste is not long, therefore I would twirl the tea in my mouth a little bit longer before swallowing it to enjoy the beautiful fragrance.

    Teddy Lionel
  • Song Cultivar 2015

    Song Cultivar, Phoenix dancong oolong

    Special Tea

    A deep citrus flavor pervades the mouth that carries through for endless brews. Huigan is huge and long lasting. The tea has some power and quick infusions bring out its smoothness and good mouthfeel. This was a treat!

    Jeffrey Novick
  • Imperial Golden Tip 2005

    Imperial Golden Tip 2013, Pu’er shu cha

    Delicate & refined tasting pu-erh!
    The moment we tasted the first brew of this Menghai fine leaf pu-erh, it brought a smile. It was a familiar taste that my wife and I have come to associate with quality pu-erh. We have tried many. Quite a few that my wife had left them to me to finish. This is one which she insists to drink with me!

    Jeffery Leong

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