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Random product reviews

  • GABA Orange

    GABA Orange Extra, de-oxygenised oxidation Taiwan oolong

    Thank you for sharing your experience. All our bead shape Taiwan oolongs are tightly rolled. Upon very short infusion time, indeed the release rate will be slow. That is why you are getting a lot of infusion rounds. If the strength from the quick brew is already satisfactory to you, maybe less leaves using a slightly longer infusion time will give you a whole new horizon in the taste of this tea. Again as a general reference:

    Tea Hong
  • Bulang Puer Maocha

    Bulang Maocha 2016, Pu’er shengcha

    when is it available again

    when is it available again

  • Green tea: Silver Curls

    Silver Curls, traditional green tea

    Quite Nutty

    It has been said that some green teas take on a nutty flavour profile. This is one of them; when infused at 1g or 2g to 100ml, the resultant liquor takes it on. Peanuts, to be precise as to what it reminds me of.. This, however, may be a personal quirk. If taken on beyond 2g to 100ml, it quickly loses this quality and becomes more vegetial, though never grassy. In either case, this is a great tea for every-day use. A good amount at a good price: brew a bunch for your friends!

    Michael Eversberg II
  • White tea: Premodern Peony

    Premodern Peony, deep oxidation white tea

    My first order has arrived. The first tea I tried was this Peony. Hence my first review.

    This tea is a revelation. I’ve prepared commercial-grade white peony from a local teas shop, as well as other Chinese whites, and they tend to pleasant but one-dimensional; that familiar woody taste, but not much more. This peony has a full, round, complex flavour, as described above, making it much more interesting than the common whites. I can never go back to “modern” peonies now, let alone post-modern ones 🙂

    2g/100ml/90°C/1,5min is a good starting point, with first a quick hot rinse, as I learned elsewhere on this site.

    Colin Brace

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