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Random product reviews

  • Honey Pearl Pekoe, fresh jasmine scented crafted green tea

    Honey Pearl Pekoe, fresh jasmine scented green tea

    Heaven Smells Like This

    The pearls are a feast for the eyes and nose with their gauzy twirls of jasmine petals around the spheres of dry tea. Once the water has done its work, the eye cannot detect the jasmine anymore but the nose certainly can. Raising the cup of tea, I inhaled a branch of jasmine blossoms before my lips even touched the rim. It left me to wonder if drinking was even necessary, but once the tea hit my palate, the floral experience feels rose up past my palate and into my mind. Undertones of anise to finish. Danger: this tea causes uncontrollable smiling.

    Karen Ager
  • Eight Immortals Wudong 2016

    Eight Immortals Wudong, Phoenix dancong oolong

    Eight Immortals is a signature bouquet style of the Fenghuang region. The processing of it is far simpler than any classic styles. However, it is exactly because of this simplicity that every element in tea production counts. And that is why making a superb quality is a lot more challenging than it sounds. So glad that you have tried others before coming to us for it. It also takes a discerning taster to appreciate the difference. Thank you.

    Tea Hong
  • Shiguping Wulong 2015

    Shiguping Wulong, rare Phoenix oolong

    Just marvelous smell and taste.

    I write this review because I feel that is completly unfair that such fancy tea doesn’t has any comment here. It’s not easy to me to describe it but the feeling that I got from him is such as the title of this post. The lingering after taste that is described in the product description resembles a lot to the Honey Orchid one. This is a must try before die. Strongly recommended.

    Patricio Hurtado
  • Tea leaves of Hong Yu Deep White

    Hong Yu Deep White, deep oxidation Taiwan white tea

    Brief (few seconds) steeps in 90 Celsius water.
    Liquor is of a clear pale yellow in tone.
    Taste is smooth with a fruity sweet aftertaste. Surprisingly has a minty finish. No tartness nor bitterness.
    Mouthfeel is slightly dry, encouraging salivation.
    Wet leaves are dark greenish brown in colour and large in size, giving off a fruity burnt sugar aroma.
    This tea withstands many steeps.

    rudi hermawan

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