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Random product reviews

  • Sacred Lily 2016

    Sacred Lily 2018

    This tea can mature

    Hello Tony, Yes this tea can mature. Please refer to Leo’s Tea Guardian article on storage for storing this tea for maturity.

    My account
    Siu PB
  • Danhu Old Bush Song Cultivar 2014

    Danhu Old Bush Song Cultivar 2018

    This is the best Oolong I’ve ever had.
    The vanilla and mandarin orange flavour honestly blows me away.
    It’s such a rich-tasting tea, I would even say that the price is too low for what you are getting.
    If you consider this tea but you are unsure because of the price, I can guarantee you that you won’t regret buying it. A must-have tea.

    I used 6g for 200ml water and my infusion times were:

    1. 1 minute
    2. 45 seconds
    3. 45 seconds
    4. 45 seconds
    5. 1 minute
    6. 1 minute
    7. 1 minute and 30 seconds
    8. 2 minutes
    9. 3 minutes
    10. 5 minutes

    You can even try more infusions.

    My account
    Maximilian Vorhoff
  • Eight Immortals Wudong 2016

    Eight Immortals Wudong 2020

    Good humble smell

    Very comfortable good smell. Not too much like fragrant flower. Humble like good Confucius teaching. Long lasting and good class taste. This tea make me happy.

    My account
    Ai Han Ngau
  • Congou Rustic

    Congou Rustic

    Nature’s Poetry

    Congou Rustic is such a pleasure – mellow strength, bright and straightforward with a rich, generous taste. Its understanding liquor took my palate by surprise and quenched a really thirsty place. I only disagree with a previous caveat to look beyond the tea’s supposed unmanaged appearance. In a life of flat teabags, an encounter with texture and substance makes me weep and I am reaching for another tissue now. This rugged tea is tangled together with little hints of underbrush, reminding me of where it came from. No one is likely to ever forget their first taste of Congou Rustic. Please thank the farmer who wrangled this one in.

    My account
    Karen Ager

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