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  • Dec132016
    Ding Yao white plate

    Kilns of Ding

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  • Nov032016
    Clip on folded pack

    How to Properly Store Your Tea

    Before the tea is shipped to you All our premium green teas and green style oolongs have been stored at…

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  • Sep092016
    Kids with lanterns

    Tea for Mooncake?

    Mid Autumn Festival As the shape of the moon grows fuller towards what the lunar calendar marks as Mid-Autumn, Mooncake Festival…

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  • Jul272016
    tea picking in Dong Ding

    From Dong Ding to Cold Peak

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  • Jul202016

    Teeth for Tea

    Teeth for tea? No, you don’t need even a single cuspid to enjoy the brew; your olfactory and gustatory senses…

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  • Jun222016
    The golden red liquor of Lincang Centenarians

    Red is the New Black

    Red or Black? The infusion is red, orange or brown, but why are they called black? In the Far East,…

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  • Jan082015

    When Will We Have New Teas Come in?

    This is quite a frequently asked questions especially since we are gaining a wider customer base, our stock quantities are…

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  • Oct082014

    Keemun or Qimen? Newsletter 20160518

    Keemun or Qimen? Some say that the British loved the black tea from Yellow Mountain so much that after they…

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  • Oct082014

    Review us on Facebook, Get FREE Orchid Grātus — 20160423

    Review us on FacebookGet FREE Orchid Grātus Dear Customer, The 2015 harvest of Orchid Grātus is the best batch we ever…

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  • Oct082014

    Longjing Spring Equinox 2016

    Longjing Spring Equinox 2016 Most of the higher price Longjing today, if they are genuinely from Hangzhou, is produced from…

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