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  • Celeste Green Gaiwan
    USD 17.10

    Celeste Green Gaiwan

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    The plum blossom blooms in mid to late January against the bitterness of Winter. That is why ancient literati had a high regard of the flower, for its metaphoric representation of people with the strength and endurance of holding on Righteousness, even when facing violent repression by the powerful.

    Symbolism aside, the gaiwan's round belly form provides a minimal surface area to volume ratio to maximise heat retention, while fanning out at the brim to quicken cooling for easy handling and smooth decantation. This is a classic shape. The lid has a well form dome for trapping air. A lid button has a well formed hollow to keep itself cool enough for resting your finger on it when handling.

    USD 17.10
    USD 17.10