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    Bang Xie maocha, pu'er shengcha tea
    USD 20.90

    Bang Xie Maocha 2007, Pu’er shengcha

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    Whipping Rattan Tea

    In historical herbal literature, tea is referred to as bitter, “extremely cold” to the body constituents, but effectively detoxicating. That basically is what is the raw tea leaf. While green tea is cooked, and most white tea is from plants that are severely tamed through breeding, Pu’er maocha maybe the closest thing one can get commercially nowadays for what the ancients had referred to. Yet in order to offer a tea that is taste worthy, we have to find plants that are strong and and soil that is rich to provide that potential. And dry those leaves from the first flush and age them well to round off all the edges and deepen the tastes. A Whipping Rattan Tea bush is such pruned that buds just flush in the tips of its few branches. All the plant’s nutrients are thus focused in these few young leaves. We think that would be good raw material for us to process and age. Presenting the very special Whipping Rattan Bang Xie Maocha, aged since 2007. A unique Pu’er tea in every way.
    Taichi Class Infusion colour: Gold TCM Neutral-cool icon Tea Master's Choice icon Great value!
    Net weight: 40 g (1.4 oz) in Kraft-alu pack
    USD 20.90
    USD 20.90