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  • Sep242022
    Infusing Honey Orchid

    Does your Honey Orchid Supreme taste too bitter?


    What makes the taste of a tea? The taste of a tea is the combination of its many tones, accents…

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  • Dec102021
    Flowers of Sweet Osmanthus

    Scenting of Phoenix Sweet Osmanthus

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    What is Osmanthus? Osmanthus is a tree that yields tiny, and very fragrant flowers. The fragrance is not as pungent…

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  • Oct022020
    4 cups of tea

    Which is your cup of Phoenix Classic? 2018 or 2020?

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    “This tea smells so magnificent!” exclaimed one of our new packers as he bagged our last lot of 2018 Phoenix…

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  • Sep092016
    Kids with lanterns

    Tea for Mooncake?

    Mid Autumn Festival As the shape of the moon grows fuller towards what the lunar calendar marks as Mid-Autumn, Mooncake Festival…

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  • Oct082014

    Chairman Mao’s Personal Tea and Special Edition Orchid Grātus for Free

    Chairman Mao’s Personal Teaand Special Edition Orchid Grātus for Free  An old tea tree with a spread crown overlooking…

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