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  • May142021
    2 Longjings, #43 on the left, and Tu-zhong on the right

    Why do we choose an uglier looking Longjing?

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    When I began drinking tea more seriously, there was only one kind of Longjing, and the difference would be quality…

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  • Apr152019
    Longjing Spring Equinox, premium green tea by in the

    Longjing Spring Equinox, Old Style Pack

    A customer in United States once told us that a wealthy Chinese colleague sent him some Longjing from Hangzhou(1), but…

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  • Aug162017
    Selecting a tea by Categorisation: Green tea

    What are green teas and what makes ours special

    Colour is not everything A cup of green tea may look much lighter in colour than a black tea, but,…

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  • Apr272017
    Traditional Longjing Roasting

    Longjing: is Earlier the Better?

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  • Oct082014

    New Teas: Best Taste, Best Value & Rarest Quality

    New teas:best taste, best value, rarest quality  Newsletter 2015-5-28 Dear Customer, New teas are being released gradually in the shop…

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  • Oct082014

    Longjing Spring Equinox 2016

    Longjing Spring Equinox 2016 Most of the higher price Longjing today, if they are genuinely from Hangzhou, is produced from…

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