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  • Jul062022
    Ice Fire Technique on Taiping Houkui

    Ice Fire Technique

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    To steep tea, there is the usual brewing with hot water and there is the recently popular cold infusion. There…

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  • May172017
    A pluck of Shidaye, the leaves for making Taiping Houkui green t

    Mother of All Green Teas

    Taiping Houkui is produced from this special cultivar called Shidaye ( shi-da-yeh ). The name can be roughly translated as Persimmon Large Leaf. ( It has nothing to do with the fruit, though. ) It is the most visible commercial crop in the hilly landscape of Taiping, an hour and a half from Huangshan.

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  • Oct082014

    New Teas: Best Taste, Best Value & Rarest Quality

    New teas:best taste, best value, rarest quality  Newsletter 2015-5-28 Dear Customer, New teas are being released gradually in the shop…

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