Bada Shu Cha & Wudong Cassia

Bada Shu Cha & Wudong Cassia
October 8, 2014 Tea Hong
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A very dark infusion of Bada shu cha puer

Bada Shu Cha & Wudong Cassia

I have waited a very long time to present this shu cha pu’er: Bada 2007 — the richest, deepest and fullest post-fermented tea we have yet to offer. If you do crave for a cup of really dark, smooth infusion at the work desk from the unwelcome rainstorm or drying autumn breeze, this is a real treat.

Bada 2007 is not just another dark tea. He Song ( pronounce heh xong ) situates at 1800 m elevation in the Bada region in Xishuangbanna: where temperature difference between night and day can easily be 15°C. Leaves grow slower here. Saving in them more plant protein, more minerals from the pristine mountain soil.

We have picked only spring harvests to process properly and mature as our Bada shu cha pu’er. Sweet and smooth even when infused to a good strength. This 2007 batch is our very first release for your enjoyment.

Dark and Sweet

See it here: Bada 2007

Cassia from Phoenix

Wudong CassiaCassia Extraordinaire has been a most popular selection in Tea Hong but since the tea master retired, we have been looking hard for someone who can do the same quality. No success yet in Wuyi, but another great cassia oolong turns up in a place that I least expected.

Rougui Xiang Dancong is a cultivar discovered in Fenghuang ( ie Phoenix ) in 1970 from the tea seeds of an old shuixian tree.  Since I began to explore the region, I have tasted a few selections and have not been impressed — until a few months ago.

Mr Wei’s great uncle has been quietly growing a few trees of this native cultivar. His family maybe the only one who know this tea intimately enough to produce to a taste quality that rightfully deserves the name. Perhaps that’s logical; they were the first family that started it all in the beginning.

Wudong Cassia — Tea Hong’s Rougui Xiang Dancong is what that name describes: a finest quality dancong shuixian that is supple, delicious, deep and complex to deserve that origin title, and with an unmistakable note of cassia the spice.

To me this is a greater tea than even Cassia Extraordinaire, although it really is totally different in nature from the Wuyi version. Happy to present a quality that I think so well befits the legendary name. On the other hand, I won’t so easily give up the search for that Fujian oolong.

See it here: Wudong Cassia 2015

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Leo Kwan
October 9, 2015