From Dong Ding to Cold Peak

From Dong Ding to Cold Peak
July 27, 2016 Tea Hong
In Nature of Things

A customer reminded us that the romanisation of our popular Taiwan oolong Dong Ding is actually the reverse of Ding Dong; certainly not very serious for a fine tea as such. The tea has been bought mostly by aficionados and others with more serious tea drinking habits. Perhaps a more consumer-friendly name should be in place to convince more people to try it.

The new name is Cold Peak, a direct transliteration of the original name, which is a small peak in Nantou, where the tea originated and our tea is produced.

The 2016 batch is ready to release now, having rested for the final round of medium bake. This vanishing art of oolong baking is administered by Master Chen, daughter of one of our Taiwan tea farmers. The application of heat on bead-shape oolong requires deep understanding, experience, skills and patience. Such care is not obvious in most products in the market.

Tea Hong’s Cold Peak is an archetypical representation of the quintessential Taiwan oolong in its grandest manifestation.

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