How to Properly Store Your Tea

How to Properly Store Your Tea
November 3, 2016 Tea Hong
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Proper Storage for Taste Integrity

Proper storage of tea is critical in maintaining the taste integrity in tea and in promoting tea quality through maturity

Before the tea is shipped to you

All our premium green teas and green style oolongs have been stored at 5°C or lower before shipping. Larger stocks of these at -18°C. This is to maintain freshness on which taste integrity is dependent.

Other teas at 24°C for non-interference for their maturity.

How the tea is treated before packing for storage and the quality of packing itself are integral elements in the overall quality management for our tea. Unlike prepacked products in larger shops or old style teashops, we have devised our own storage quality workflow and environment to best maintain and maximize tea quality before the pack you buy is put into the shipping carton. Fine tea is a very unique product and needs to be treated according to its special nature.

After you have got the tea

Always store your tea with the containing package well fastened to avoid air slipping in. Always fold the opening at least two times to create an air trap before clipping it tightly. Put it in a cool, dry place away from strong light.

Some people prefer to store tea in better tea caddies. That is good. Make sure that there is no seam and a double lid.

Once open, a pack is to be consumed as soon as possible within no more than 4 weeks, with exception for those varieties that matures well in less than ideal environment, such as pu’ers.

In case you have purchased our premium green tea or green style oolongs and would not use it for some time, store it in the refrigerator until you are ready to open and consume it. Let the package sit in room temperature for at least 2 hours before opening.

Try not to put an open pack back in the fridge again. If you have to do so, put the pack into a zipbloc bag, squeeze out as much air as possible, and make sure it is very securely sealed.

If you want to stock up some packs for maturity, it is best not to open the packs. If you have done so, refrain from contact with moisture, your breath and the skin. With the exception of compressed teas, open packs are to be completely sealed for airtightness before storage for maturity.