• Feb042021
    Keemun black tea with strawberry as condiment

    Lunar New Year Sweet Tea

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    Soon it will be the Year of the Bull in the Lunisolar Calendar. Believe it or not, this very old…

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  • Oct262020
    Leo taking picture of tea leaves using a Canon Powershot G5

    One camera, 22 years in tea

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    Not long ago I needed to prepare the training for a batch of new staff intake. As I went through…

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  • Nov172019
    Ms Huang holding weeds she just pulled from amongst this row of tea bushes

    For the Sake of My Own Health, and My Children’s

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    When I tasted his Oriental Beauty and said it was good, Chen Guo Ching beamed with excitement. He said for the next harvest he could customise the degree of oxidation…

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  • May302019
    Why don't we carry blossom teas?

    Why not flowers?

    No artsy designs When I was teaching the visual arts in the 1980’s in a prestigious girls’ college in Hong…

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  • Apr192018
    A bowl of ramen

    Between Ramen and Oolong

    he day before yesterday my wife and I were in a situation when we had to do lunch in a…

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  • Jan072017
    Tea is good company all the time for all ages.

    Smell of Matured Tea

    Different variety for different preference Some tealeaves smell floral, some sweet, some like baked goods, some musky, some earthy, some…

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  • Jul112016
    Olivia at the hotel window

    Snow White, orange peel, pu’er tea

    Life of a fairy tale To decode stories produced or endorsed by official Chinese bodies, one needs to compare them…

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