Optimal Packaging

FSC logo on Tea Hong packaging

The paper pulp in Tea Hong’s kraft-alu packs is made from wood material approved by the Forest Stewardship Council

Adequate packaging is needed for safe-keeping of quality. On the other hand, we think we should be environmental conscious to be humble and restrained in the use of materials.

The design of our packaging methods and materials aims at effective protection from the elements so as to deliver to you the best quality of the tea selection and at the same time minimal waste of the Earth’s resources. Quality of the packing materials themselves are therefore critical.

These materials are not only thicker and stronger, but also pass strict food packaging standards.

Kraft paper outside, aluminium inside

Interior shot of Tea Hong's Kraft Alu Pack

True aluminium foil lines the interior of all our tea packaging materials to ensure proper insulation from the elements

Our standard brown paper true aluminum bag for packaging the tea — the kraft-alu pack — is made from wood pulp produced to the standard of FSC, or Forest Stewardship Council, to ensure both quality and environmental responsibility. The true aluminum foil lining and the bag production complies with ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and HACCP for safety as a food container. In another word, our tea packing material is made with the best food industry standard.

There are four sizes: Classic, Wide, Tall and Pillow. The classic holds 40g for traditional oolongs such as Orchid Literati, and upto 120g for denser grains such as Lapsang Souchong Pristine or 150g for really dense beads such as Cream of Puer. Kraft alu pack tall holds 80~90g for traditional oolongs, so you can stock up less often.

The wide is there for holding 40g of fluffy tealeaves such as White Peonies and Shengcha Pu’er. The pillow size is for holding 60 to 70g of other dense kernels like Cold Peak, etc.

Tea Hong Standard Pack Formats

Standard packaging for our tealeaves, from left to right: Tall, Wide, Pillow, and Classic

Kraft Cubes

As for the tea accessories, our various size kraft cubes hold them inside cushioned with shredded paper*. Shredded paper is one of most effective protective packing materials, comparable to molded pulp. It is superior than the latter for minimizing recycling carbon footprint and therefore a lot more environmental friendly. Considering the many different sizes and shapes of all the tea wares, it is a much more sensible solution! Proper protection is critical for shipping fragile materials.

Some of of tea accessaries come in the manufacturers’ custom boxes.

Yixing Teapots

Collector box for Yea Hong's Yixing Teapots

All Yixing teapots at Tea Hong are delivered with a pull-string towel sack in a collector box with cushions inside.

All of our Yixing teapots come with a pull-string sack made in towel for easy carrying around and storage protection. Each is delivered in a cushioned collector case. Colours, design and materials of the sack and case may vary from that in the photo, but as good and useful.

*Reuse is the better alternative to recycle in environmental conservation. Click <here> to read more about it from an organization who is more an expert in this. We have limited our shredded paper supply to purely office documents and direct marketing mail for hygene.