Phoenix Sweet Osmanthus 2017

Phoenix Sweet Osmanthus 2017

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Traditional basket oven scented

For those who prefer finer tea tastes on top of real flower fragrance in their scented teas, Phoenix Sweet Osmanthus is an ultimate choice. Freshly picked osmanthus flower buds are sprinkled onto a thin layer of fine Phoenix oolong in a bamboo basket over low charcoal ash fire. The same way as this has been done for centuries. The result is a natural, sweet, sensually aromatic epicurean experience few other scented teas can compare.

Delta classinfusion color: goldTCM character: neutralstaff pickgreat value

Net weight: 40 g (1.4 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

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Taste profile

Lusciously sweet fragrance of fresh osmanthus on a foundation of fresh herbs and accents of tropical fruits. Lively, sweet, malty infusion accentuated with sharp bites of tangerine peel. Light tones of berries. Sweet aftertaste. Lingering waves of osmanthus after aroma.

Infusion tips

To optimise the aromatic experience, adjust the tealeaves amount for a full taste but needing only a short steeping time. Try setting the first infusion at between one to two minutes for a two cup pot. Shorter for gongfu style quantity. The leaves can be repeatedly infused for many times.

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