Twin Gaiwan Set: Rushi Jade White

Twin Gaiwan Set: Rushi Jade White

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Dehua in Fujian has been a famous porcelain centre since the Song Dynasty. The tradition of fine white porcelain that has a dense, warm white presence still strives today. We call it jade white, for easy reference. Rushi is the workshop which produced this series for us. This 165 ml capacity design is great for use both as an infusion ware and as a cup. Individually hand-painted.

Set of two gaiwans. Select from the bamboo motif or the lotus motif, or one each of the two designs.



德化白瓷手繪蓋碗 (茶盅)

A hand-painted gaiwan for specialist use

This gaiwan has been developed for specialist use. A wide belly with round bottom for heat conservation and smooth convection during infusion. Shorter height to width for quick decantation. The height of the lid button and its thin wall is designed for heat insulation and ease of handling. So is the proportion of the width of the bowl and the total height of the lid. To make this bowl proper for use as a cup, there is a “lip” feature at the recess area in the saucer that holds the foot of the bowl. This lip is actually a remanent design of the original tea bowl receptacle — the predecessor of the gaiwan saucer.

Today Dehua porcelain is synonym with elaborate craft of statues of deities such as Guanyin ( aka Avalokiteśvara ). One of such product can be easily fetching thousands of dollars. Luckily not all workshops flock to create those products or else we would not be enjoying the utilitarian purpose of the fine white porcelain.


  • Capacity: 165ml
  • Material: Dehua jade white porcelain
Origin: Fujian, China
  • Packing: Recycled paper cushion in kraft carton
Content: 2 lids, 2 bowls, 2 saucers

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Weight 700 g
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