Tea-for-one: Quail Egg

Tea-for-one: Quail Egg

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Zhang is not an artist. He is a craftsman. His team of people have hands that can turn a lump of clay into pots and cups with precision and in no time, almost like magic. They make tea vessels for us for practical use, in understated design. Coming from a humble tea tradition, that is only natural for them. They are from Chaozhou, where gongfu tea is more normal than cola.

“Quail Egg” Tea-for-one is light yet sturdy and strong. The matt glaze finish matches with the non-glazed cup rim and pot bottom to complete both the visual and tactile rustic theme of the design. Comes with cushioned wooden box for travelling or as a gift.

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二合一茶備 : 鵪鶉蛋紋, 連木製禮盒

Tea-for-one: Quail Egg, in wooden gift box

Pot capacity: 120ml
Material: Stoneware with matt glaze in quail egg pattern
Origin: Chaozhou, Guangdong, China
Packing: Wooden gift box with lock and polystyrene cushions
Content: 1 infusion vessel, 1 cup
This is a semi-handmade item. Slight variations in color, pattern, shape and details from the particular one used in these pictures should be expected.

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Weight 585 g
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 10 cm


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