Taiwan Tieguanyin, from Muzha to Alishan

Muzha to Alishan
August 17, 2016 Leo Kwan
In Nature of Things

When the tieguanyin plant was first brought to Taiwan for cultivation in early 20th century, it rooted in Muzha ( 木柵 ). That is why traditionally Muzha Tieguanyin is synonymous with Taiwan Tieguanyin.

In the past few decades, however, the small area has become part of Taipei City, as urbanisation continues to engulf farmlands. Like Paochong that was first cultivated and became famous in adjacent Wenshan, a couple of really dedicated tieguanyin growers have moved their base to much more ideal growing environment in Alishan.

The extensive Alishan region, about 90 km and onward south of Dong Ding ( Cold Peak ), now hosts the complex and traditional set of Taiwan tieguanyin processing skills for the happier tieguanyin plants that grow here deep in the iconic Taiwan mountain.

As always, we have pursued quality over acclamation. Tea Hong Alishan Guanyin is a genuine traditional style tieguanyin of unparalleled quality. Slow baked to perfection by Master Chen, daughter of our major Taiwan producer and inheritor of the vanishing art of fine oolong baking.

To me, this fine selection represents the best of what a fine classic style tieguanyin can be. However, for connoisseurs who prefer a stronger, more pungent taste, please go for our Chaozhou bake style Tieguanyin Classic.

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