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  • Ming Yao Long Brew Maker
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    Ming Yao Long Brew Maker

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    Gongfu Infusion Celadon Teapot:

    Some teas manifest better in quick short infusions, some not. 5 minutes, 7 minutes or some even 8 — many green and black teas simply shine when they are steeped in a small leaf to water ratio and for a long time. A shallow vessel does not do the job well. A tall one with a thicker wall does. Like this Ming Yao Long Brew Maker. Complete with an efficient spout and a built-in strainer. From Ming Tao in Fujian. Bringing out quality takes patience. Give the tea enough infusion.
    USD 15.90
    USD 15.90 Quickview
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    Tea-for-one ( Half Celadon )
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    Tea-for-one ( Half Celadon )

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    Our all-in-one tea ware has been so popular that we are commissioning a few workshops for new designs. The first three designs come from a small studio in Chaozhou.This Half-Celadon glazed stoneware continues the established form with a simpler, naive-style design of the side studs, in tune with the overall look of the vessel. Despite its raw look, the clay is fine and smooth to the touch. Cup loosely fits on pot as lid. A great casual gear for the lone-drinker.A very small experimental batch that we are giving out for free. For details please see this link: February BlessingWrite in the "Leave a Message" section in the check-out page:T4-1-A for this Half Celadon design
    USD 12.80
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