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    Ash-glazed Yixing Shooter x 2
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    Jianzi Toffee Brim Shooter

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    This is a fine quality gongfu teacup in the Jianzi series. Produced in the same glossy glaze, it matches with all the gaiwans in the series and exceptionally well with the Toffee Brim 130 in the same pale green colour.Three cups in each unit. Gaiwans sold separately.
    USD 9.70
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  • Jianzi Toffee Brim 130
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    Jianzi Toffee Brim 130

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    This utility gaiwan is optimised for shorter gongfu infusion ergonomics, with wider diameter to depth ratio and excellent curve of the tea bowl brim for heat dissipation. Classic lid button wall design also for ease of handling. Matches well with Toffee Brim Shooters in the same Jianzi series. Same high quality glaze as the beautiful Tall Foot 150 selections.
    USD 13.80
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