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  • Cassia Extraordinaire Wuyi Oolong
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    Cassia Extraordinaire, Wuyi yancha oolong

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    Tea Hong’s Most Bouquet Wuyi Oolong

    Great discipline in the use of fire distinguishes Cassia Extraordinaire from most other Wuyi varieties with a supple, deliciously floral and delicate scent balanced with a full, lively body. Thanks to this masterful baking, this lighter style Wuyi oolong keeps well and improves with extended storage, as it should traditionally. This is our most “bouquet” style Wuyi oolong, being on the other end of the scale as the deep baked classic style Cassia Classic or Red Cloak Grande in Tea Hong’s proud Wuyi repertoire. Taichi classInfusion colorTCM NeutralGreat Value icon Net weight: 40 g (1.4 oz) in Kraft-alu pack
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  • Cassia Classic 2016
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    Cassia Classic, Wuyi yancha oolong

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    Classic Rougui Cultivar

    Cassia (Rougui) was the first tea variety that received popular praise in the recent few hundred years from the Wuyi region. Named after the tree bark spice, there is otherwise no biological relationship at all, although there is an aromatic component in the oolong that is akin to that of the spice. This classic version is a bit deeper baked than the supreme “Extraordinaire” version, as has traditionally been done for the past century, or longer. Chrysanthemum classInfusion colorTCM WarmGreat value Net weight: 40 g (1.4 oz) in Kraft-alu pack
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    Wudong Cassia 2015
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    Wudong Cassia, Phoenix dancong oolong

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    Rougui Xiang Dancong :

    Although the name rougui is the same as that variety from Wuyi, this tea is from a pure breed Fenghuang Dancong Shuixian cultivar. Sexual propagation of tea trees does give happy surprises and this is an example of it. Discovered and isolated in 1970 by a horticulturalist Mr Wei and has maintained a low profile to avoid unneeded trouble during the height of Cultural Revolution, the cultivar Fenghuang Rougui Xiang Dancong  is only gradually picking up attention recently. Not all farmers are doing it right. It is a slow growing tea and only one harvest per year. We think every leaf is worth the search. ClassInfusion colorTCM character: NeutralStaff pickTea Master's Choice Net weight: 40 g (1.4 oz) in Kraft-alu pack
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