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  • Longjing Spring Equinox 2017
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    Longjing Spring Equinox 2018

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    Hangzhou Original:

    To acquire really fine Long-jing in rapidly changing China, we had to search away from tourists infested localities, and yet still faithful to the origin of Hangzhou. In Wu’s farm where the underground water is crisp and the air sweet, our Long-jing master realizes the environment is more important than the convenience; there would be no quality without the traditional respect for Nature. Tea Hong’s Long-jing Spring Equinox might well be used by nobles and mandarins in their tea competition when Emperor Qianlong was still young and flamboyant, and crazy about the tea.Taichi classInfusion colorTCM CoolStaff pickTea Master's ChoiceNet weight: 60 g (2.1 oz) in Kraft-alu pack
    USD 37.00
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    USD 37.00 Quickview