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  • Jul272016
    tea picking in Dong Ding

    From Dong Ding to Cold Peak

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  • Jul202016

    Teeth for Tea

    Teeth for tea? No, you don’t need even a single cuspid to enjoy the brew; your olfactory and gustatory senses will do. However, for proper tea tasting, you may need a taster’s…

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  • Jul112016
    Olivia at the hotel window

    Snow White, orange peel, pu’er tea

    Life of a fairy tale To decode stories produced or endorsed by official Chinese bodies, one needs to compare them with what is happening in real life, amongst other interpretation tools. Otherwise,…

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  • Jun222016
    The golden red liquor of Lincang Centenarians

    Red is the New Black

    Red or Black? The infusion is red, orange or brown, but why are they called black? In the Far East, black tea has always been called red tea, because of the colour…

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  • May292016
    Wounded Soldier waiting for help, Burma Campaign

    Dianhong — Tea Born of a War

    Tea teams were sent to Yunnan to explore setting up of a black tea production base for export to replace those in occupied Fujian, Jiangxi and Zhejiang. The resistance needed as much revenue as they could get in order to operate…

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  • Jan082015

    Danhu Old Bush Song & other Beautiful Phoenixes

    Wolf hair brush on fine silk scroll Zhaoji ( Huizong, Emperor of Song between 1101~1125 A.D. ) was not a good ruler. He was, however, a fine calligrapher, painter and poet, and…

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  • Nov142011
    A certificate of originality by the Yixing pot artist Pang Yao Nian

    Yixing Teapots: Artist Ranking

    There is a double tiered, multi-level ranking system for artists and craftspeople in Mainland China. Yixing teapot makers are generally categorized under “Industrial Artists” with various ranks. Ranking: Money Matters Yixing pot…

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  • Nov142011
    Drawing an opening on the teapot

    Handcrafting Yixing Teapots

    Although in recent years the Taiwanese and the Japanese have developed techniques in mould casting teapots using materials derived from Yixing clays, traditional methods are still by far the most prevalent and…

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  • Nov142011
    The ores that make the different colors and qualities in genuine Yixing teapots

    Yixing teapots: Clays

    Yixing teapot to tea-making is rather like the oak barrel is to wine making, perhaps with a bit more significant influence to the final quality of the “brew”. Once you master its…

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  • Nov142011
    Ergonomics of Yixing Teapots Youtube

    Ergonomic criteria for a Yixing teapot

    Selecting a Yixing teapot In addition to clay quality and subjective aesthetics, there are other basic utilitarian criteria in selecting a Yixing teapot. Sometimes this tea infusion vessel is also known as zisha…

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