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  • Keemun Snails 2016
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    Keemun Snails 2018

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    Fragrant Curls:

    If you prefer a simpler taste profile than our Keemun Traditional Supreme, but want to enjoy the character of a Keemun black tea, Keemun Snails maybe the one tea for you. Slightly sweeter and lighter than the former, these tightly rolled tiny little swirls releases a gently warm and yet floral and sweet aroma to help you slowly start off your day, or move it along. Deliciously different from the bitterness of many other blacks, the fine taste from these wriggles maybe a pleasant twist from your previous perceptions of this beverage category.
    Delta classDark amberNeutral EnergyStaff Pick iconGreat value!
    Net weight: 80 g (2.8 oz) in Kraft-alu pack
    USD 23.80
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  • Yunnan Golden 2017
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    Yunnan Golden 2017

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    The People’s Black Tea:

    It is said that the first Yunnan black tea was made here in Feng Qing. It is also the origin of the golden tippy tea that was presented as a national gift to Queen Elizabeth II when she first visited China in 1986. To us, what matters more is the pleasant, oatsy tea liquor with that distinct apple flavour and slight bite of citrus that you can drink all day, leaving the mouth feeling fresh and moist anytime in the subtlest way. This friendly taste profile is possible only with select first flush, non-blended leaves properly processed and baked optimally for balance of fragrance and dryness. Our staff says it is the people’s tea. Aptly named.

    Connoisseur classinfusion color: WolfberryTCM character: neutral warmStaff PickGreat value!

    Net weight: 40 g (1.4 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

    USD 12.10
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  • Dianhong Classic black tea
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    Dianhong Classic 2017

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    Feng Qing Golden Tip:

    Some people think that the more the golden tip, the better the quality of a black tea. For a real connoisseur, however, it is the taste profile made possible by properly managing all the variables throughout production that matters. Don’t be convinced by the rich dark chocolate aroma of the dry leaves either. What matters is the round and complex body in the clear deep golden red liquor possible only with the first flush leaves from the deep mountains in Fengqing, the origin of Dianhong.

    Chrysanthemum classinfusion color: wolfberryTCM character: neutral warmGreat value!

    Net weight: 50 g ( 1.8 oz ) in Kraft-alu pack

    USD 15.70
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  • Longjing First Flush green tea
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    Longjing First Flush 2019

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    Hangzhou Original:

    This is a more affordable version of the most sought after Chinese green tea. While some people are willing to pay thousands for a small pack of the earliest harvest in Spring, Tea Hong brings you what is authentic but slightly later in season, for similar enjoyment but much less in price. It is, nevertheless, still a first flush — some tea grows slower than others, dependent on the cultivar, horticulture and micro-climate. Chrysanthemum classInfusion colorTCM CoolGreat value! Net weight: 60 g (2.1 oz) in Kraft-alu pack SaveSave
    USD 25.30
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  • Jasmine Scented Green Tea: Honey Pearl Pekoe
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    Honey Pearl Pekoe

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    Jasmine Seven Scentings Fuding Tips:

    Mastery of the technique of scenting and management of fresh jasmine flowers can greatly enhance the aroma profile of a final tea. It is not only how many times the leaves are scented but also about the tea to flower ratio, and the finesse of timing and other nuances in the scenting process. Honey Pearl Pekoe begins as a pure fine tippy first flush of loyal pedigree and then scented to perfection by our jasmine master. The most beautiful and purest of all jasmine green teas.
    Delta classMorning sun yellowTCM Neutral-coolStaff Pick icon
    Net weight: 55 g (1.9 oz) in Kraft-alu pillow
    USD 20.90
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