Big White, Phoenix dancong oolong

Big White, Phoenix dancong oolong

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Fenghuang Da Baiye:

Produced using a Phoenix native cultivar Da Baiye ( i.e. Big White Leaf ), and has certain taste similarity as the rarer Song Cultivar Huangzhi Xiang, this tea is popular amongst traders for use as a substitute for the pricier label. Tea Hong’s top quality selection, Big White is certainly a good demonstration of how this tea can fool the lesser experienced connoisseurs. That said, however, the trained tongue can certainly tell it is a fine tea on its own for the uniqueness in its floral aroma, silky texture and soft, smooth body.

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Net weight: 40 g (1.4 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

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鳳凰清香 大白葉

Taste profile

Buttery soft, sweetly floral aroma in a deep overtone of sweet wood and flourishing accents of ripen peach, baked sweet potato and sun-dried longan. Round, smooth and sweet body with great depth. Sweetness of nectar and apple well balanced with cooked grains and accented with a tinkling note of citrus peel, peach and jujube. All carried in an immersive woodsy complexity of silky tactility. Long, lingering after sweetness and light citrus tings.

Infusion tips

This is a versatile tea for various infusion approaches. Great also because of its high end taste profile for showing off your various infusion styles and techniques.

To begin understanding this tea, on the basis of 90°C, use a slightly higher temperature for more emphasis in the bouquet, a slightly lower temperature for a smoother infusion.

Although this tea stands well in long infusion time, do try to separate the leaves and the liquor when you have attained the desired strength.

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  1. An overall comfort tea. Very hard to go bitter even pushed to the extreme, also super smooth and easygoing when prepared with more casual approach. I particularly love peach and longan touch which seems to cling on my palate. This may be my new personal favorite tea for daily drinks.

    • Indeed Big White is often overlooked for its not so extravagant price and humble name. Yet it has a most friendly and pleasing taste profile that marketeers often use to disguise as a premium product with a false name for huge profit margins. I am so happy that you have recognised it and use it as a daily tea.

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