Tieguanyin Floral

Tieguanyin Floral

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A very fragrant Jin Guanyin

While some people like their Tieguanyin subtle and long like it used to be traditionally, some others want it to be more floral. So we give you Tieguanyin Floral, a very bouquet version of this popular oolong.

The cultivar is Jin Guanyin ( aka Golden Tieguanyin ), a child between the traditional Tieguanyin plant and a relatively newer bleed, Huangjin Gui *. While the latter is widely used as a substitute for the genuine Tieguanyin for its pleasing nose, it lacks the body and length of the real thing. The resultant hybrid, however, has the best of both parents.

The terroir is in Xianghua, a mountainous area in the Anxi county in the subtropical southern part of Fujian, where the best Tieguanyin is produced.

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Net weight: 120 g (4.2 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

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花香滿樓 頭春金觀音

Taste profile

Bouquety nose with high floral notes and hints of cream. Earthy undertones. Smooth, even body with that “Tieguanyin” overtone. Brisk sweetness. Persistent cooling sensation. Good “hui gan”**.

Infusion tips

To enjoy the essence of this luscious oolong, use a shorter time, higher tea to water ratio infusion approach. If you are unfamiliar with this style, begin with 5 g of tea to each 100 ml of water, using a smaller infusion vessel, such as a 150 ml gaiwan, and infuse for 30 sec in the first round. Use a near boiling water, slightly above 95°C. Adjusting the ratio is a little different from adjusting the time, as in any tea using this approach. Do experiment with it and find out your own best way to this special jewel.


* The Se Zhongs
Huangjin Gui, together with Mao Xie, Ben Shan and Fo Shou are other common cultivars in Anxi oolongs other than Tieguanyin. While the Iron Goddess has over two centuries of production history, the others had been developed for only a hundred years and less. They are traditionally categorised as Se Zhongs ( i.e. other varieties ), to differentiate them from the region’s most famous tea. Se Zhongs are popularly sold as Tieguanyin, one reason being the similar look of the finished product, the other being the lower production cost of these cultivars. In recent decades, however, newer cross bleeds have been developed and experimented in real production environment to the aim of improving taste diversity, productivity, and/or sustainability. Jin Guanyin is one such proud results that has made it to the attention of true connoisseurs.

**Hui Gan 回甘
“Hui gan” or “wui gam” is a traditional Chinese term referring to the kind of aftertaste of sweet, cooling sensation with a slight tangy accent in tea enjoyment.

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  1. Blooming garden

    I think this is the most naturally fragrant tea I ever had. Unforgettable aroma. I used a teaspoon of leaves to brew initially for one minute in a 2 cup teapot but filled only to 3/4. Can repeat 5 times and it was still good.

  2. 實惠香觀音

    好的觀音很多地方都買得到,像這樣芳香好口味的,大概起碼兩三倍的價錢吧?如果tea hong有大粒一點,口味再豐富一點的,價錢再高一點我也會樂意買的。

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