Bead Shape Oolongs

Bead Shape Oolongs
October 12, 2020 Leo Kwan
In In Focus, Tea Log

Before people started rolling tea leaves into beads, all oolongs used to be only one form — twiggy curls of dark colour tiny sticks. After the bead rolling method for oolong was introduced at the end of 19th centuries, it has been gradually integrated into the development of a number of varieties. The form styling of the leaves has actually contributed to the formation of the taste profile itself.

Can you tell which tea is which by just looking at the leaves?

Which of these oolongs below are you able to guess the name of? Which is Tieguanyin Traditional, our popular bouquet style Tieguanyin? There are also two classic style Tieguanyin, can you find them? Which is Jinxuan? Which is Eternal Spring? And Shan Lin Xi? Cold Peak? Every time you come back to this page the sequencing will be different. How well are you able to recognise them the second time?

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