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  • Feb182022
    if you haven’t tried a real Fenghuang dancong, you really do not know what is good tea

    Phoenix Dancong — the oolong that made me fall in love with tea

    In 1998 when I was still a design consultant and tea was only a hobby, I had the opportunity to visit the tea region of Fenghuang ( i.e. Phoenix ) to have…

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  • Jan192022
    Buying tea in Guangzhou, 19th century

    The Fear of Failing Our Customers

    Possibly the first black tea ever produced, and definitely the best of its category from Wuyi, Tongmuguan One has a solid group of followers. Its flowery, intricate, full-body and smooth character is…

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  • Dec102021
    Flowers of Sweet Osmanthus

    Scenting of Phoenix Sweet Osmanthus

    What is Osmanthus? Osmanthus is a tree that yields tiny, and very fragrant flowers. The fragrance is not as pungent as some other blooms such as jasmine or white magnolia, but softer,…

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  • Nov232021
    The 13 Hongs in Canton (now Guangzhou) during Qing Dynasty

    Rebirth of A Black Tea Region — Yingde

    In the 17th century the county of Yingde in the southern province of Guangdong in China had suddenly become a transport hub of tea when the Qing emperor appointed Guangzhou as the…

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  • Nov132021
    EU Exclusionism?

    EU Exclusionism?

    I have grown up in a free-trading city where there is still no tax on retail sales or importation of goods. However, this and other freedom that Hong Kong used to enjoy…

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  • Nov102021
    The tender young leaves of Ruan Zhi cultivar

    Honey Concubine, the Tea Born of an Earthquake

    At 1:47 am on September 21, 1999, an earthquake broke out in central Taiwan. It was a Richter scale 7.7 massive attack that took away the lives of over 2,400 people and…

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  • Nov022021

    Between Fire and Bouquet

    Problems with getting a good Wuyi oolong Wuyi oolongs have always been problematic for fine tea merchants. It is one of the most sought after oolong subcategories, and yet with extremely irregular…

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  • Oct042021
    Servants preparing tea, 9th century

    Taiwan as a tea region

    In the subtropical small island country of Taiwan, where most of the terrain is dominated by a central mountain range covered in emerald forests, within which it can get very cool after…

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  • May242021
    Infusing Tieguanyin Stout

    Introducing Tieguanyin Stout

    Tea Hong’s Tieguanyin Traditional has been popular for its sweet floral aroma and soft, silky body. However, there is another style of production that makes bouquet style Tieguanyin with a more robust…

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  • May142021
    2 Longjings, #43 on the left, and Tu-zhong on the right

    Why do we choose an uglier looking Longjing?

    When I began drinking tea more seriously, there was only one kind of Longjing, and the difference would be quality or whether it’s genuine. Since the 90’s, however, a new type of…

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