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  • Feb042021
    Keemun black tea with strawberry as condiment

    Lunar New Year Sweet Tea

    Soon it will be the Year of the Bull in the Lunisolar Calendar. Believe it or not, this very old dating system basing on both the Sun and the Moon is still…

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  • Nov152020
    Tea variety kaleidoscope

    Airmail deadline for Christmas 2020

    Deadline for Christmas airmail shipping to USA is set for Nov 19 ( HK time, ie EST – 13 hr ), that means you have to place the order on Nov 16…

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  • Oct312020
    Cha Bing: Compressed tea

    Cha Bing — Compressed Tea

    A very old origin Done in the beginning as a means of packaging, compression to contain tea leaves in cha bing and other compact forms has evolved through the millennia. It was…

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  • Oct312020
    Different varieties of pu'er maocha

    What is a Shengcha? Maocha? And Pu’er Maocha?

    What is a Shengcha The concept of shengcha was born when people began to define induced post-fermented teas as shu cha.  A post-fermented tea is also called a dark tea, referring to…

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  • Oct262020
    Leo taking picture of tea leaves using a Canon Powershot G5

    One camera, 22 years in tea

    Not long ago I needed to prepare the training for a batch of new staff intake. As I went through our own online information for teaching materials, came across this photo again.…

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  • Oct122020
    Closeup of a bead-shape oolong

    Bead Shape Oolongs

    After the bead rolling method for oolong was introduced at the end of 19th centuries, it has been gradually integrated into the development of a number of varieties. The form styling of the leaves has actually contributed to the formation of the taste profile…

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  • Oct102020
    A deep baked tea

    Darkening of an Iron Goddess

    Making of the Queen in Gongfu Tea There exist two distinct styles of Tieguanyin — Iron Goddess of Mercy — the green bouquet style and deep-baked dark brown classic style. While some…

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  • Oct022020
    4 cups of tea

    Which is your cup of Phoenix Classic? 2018 or 2020?

    “This tea smells so magnificent!” exclaimed one of our new packers as he bagged our last lot of 2018 Phoenix Classic for a wholesale Swiss client who is also a very dear…

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  • Sep132020
    Comparing a lighter oxidation Hong Yu white tea with Deep White

    Hong Yu White Tea, with Extra Oxidation

    Some years ago when young tea master Chen sent me her first attempt on making white tea from Hong Yu, I was impressed. Not that the tea was good enough, but that…

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  • Jul062020
    Shipping for your order

    Estonia, France, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom!

    We have just got news from Hong Kong Post that airmail service has just been resumed for Estonia, France, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom! We shall wait a couple of days for…

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