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Random product reviews

  • Yixing teapot — Yao Ling Xiang: Stone Ladle, front view

    Yao Ling Xiang: Stone Ladle

    A superb collector’s item, made with the best craftsmanship, and zisha material. An amazing teapot of such high quality and it is up to par with Teahong’s level. It truly impresses the connoisseur, and I am very happy i acquired it. The zi-ni is so well refined, and the shape/body is very well rounded and proportionate. I’m so happy Teahong is offering such high quality teapots. These teapots are the real deal, and Teahong makes it astoundingly convenient to buy such teapots on an online platform, rather than flying to China for teapots this quality.

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    Minh Pham
  • Danhu Old Bush Song Cultivar 2014

    Danhu Old Bush Song Cultivar 2018

    This is the best Oolong I’ve ever had.
    The vanilla and mandarin orange flavour honestly blows me away.
    It’s such a rich-tasting tea, I would even say that the price is too low for what you are getting.
    If you consider this tea but you are unsure because of the price, I can guarantee you that you won’t regret buying it. A must-have tea.

    I used 6g for 200ml water and my infusion times were:

    1. 1 minute
    2. 45 seconds
    3. 45 seconds
    4. 45 seconds
    5. 1 minute
    6. 1 minute
    7. 1 minute and 30 seconds
    8. 2 minutes
    9. 3 minutes
    10. 5 minutes

    You can even try more infusions.

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    Maximilian Vorhoff
  • Yiwu Large Leaf 2005

    Yiwu Large Leaf 2005

    I love best this real puer

    Real good puer taste like old day puer. My most loved puer

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    Ai Han Ngau
  • Tieguanyin Classic Mellow 2005

    Tieguanyin Classic 2017

    Karen Ager

    We enjoyed this classic oolong with a spicy lunch today. The dry, bumpy nuggets are pungent and pleasant to look at. I used a black clay yixing gaiwan for this selection but didn’t detect much aroma after three shakes of the dry tea in the heated bowl. That all changed the very second the hot water hit it. This tea was generous in releasing its complex baked aroma. Very pleasant. The first steeping was a quick one. Lovely flavor on the front of the palate in into the nose. Earthy with a hint of black peppercorn yet mellow as the name implies. The second steeping I left sitting too long (or so I thought). It was strong but only in the most pleasant way. We did a few more steepings and the nuggets opened up into what look like rolling waves on a black ocean. The texture lets you know you are drinking a substantial tea. I don’t think this is the type of tea that can be steeped all day, though, as it gives off its flavor quickly. On the other hand, I will steep a few more infusions, let them sit longer, and see what surprises await. In my opinion this is a great tea to accompany meals.

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    Karen Ager

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